Salli Bowman: A Rowing Champion

Eva Lucchino '15, Editor-in-Chief

Salli Bowman is a rowing extraordinaire that truly understands the pain of athletics thanks to her beloved sport. She started rowing in high school and has done it every year; she currently rows for Steel City Rowing Club (SCRC).  She started rowing because she was encouraged by a cousin’s friend to start and had no objections.  The encounter turned out to be quite fortuitous.  Although the pain may be real, it has certainly resulted in a huge gain for Salli, who will be attending Cornell next year.

Salli enlightened me about rowing by describing some of the intricacies of which an outsider wouldn’t always be aware. She says that the “unifying power of pain” is an idea that only rowers can really understand because during a regatta (race) everyone is enduring the pain at the same time, so the desire to finish and end the pain solidifies the team like nothing else. Although the pain may be difficult to deal with, it is the friendships that result from the unified effort which make the sport so amazing. Salli explains that it is why “rowers … almost always talk about rowing.”  It also allows for friendships to be easily made, which is another aspect of the sport which Salli loves. While competing in various regattas Salli meets people from across the region, the country, and, sometimes, the world, which she especially enjoys because friends are easily made for the next regatta.  Although everyone is friendly with each other, the sport is still extremely competitive because whether it is a single or an 8-boat, each person wants to do his or her best.  Salli has spent a lot of time rowing over the past four years, but that has not stopped her from excelling in school.

Salli’s favorite classes in high school have been psychology, calculus, and physics because those were the classes she found most enjoyable considering she loves “numbers … [and] the crazy workings of the mind”.  In particular, her interest in calculus and physics have influenced her intended major of Mechanical Engineering.  Mechanical Engineering involves the conception and operation of machinery, having a wide variety of subfields which can be pursued as one develops his or her skills and interests.  Salli will be studying at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, which is her dream school.  According to Salli, while visiting the campus “something struck [her] immediately” and she was in love.  It wasn’t only the school’s beautiful campus or the school’s sterling reputation, but the amazing members of the crew team and coaching staff who welcomed her warmly that inspired her love for the school.  Salli will continue rowing and studying hard while at Cornell; in terms of broad plans for the future, she plans on becoming a mechanical engineer and, if she can, she would like to further her rowing career.  Well, Salli you are absolutely awesome and congratulations on all of your achievements!  Good luck next year and in all of your future endeavors!