Freshman Athletes


Brouklin Alger ‘19 and Daniela Watkins ‘19, Staff Writers

This year a little over 140 freshmen have joined the Oakland Catholic community and a number of them have joined sports teams.  The school encourages its students to participate in sports and clubs because it allows the students to get more involved.  Participating in sports at Oakland can also help girls make bonds with their teammates and create lasting friendships.  

We interviewed a few freshman girls from different sports to see how the process was going so far.  We asked Angelina Mico, a freshman rower, why she chose crew in the first place.  She replied, “My sister rowed, and watching the sport, I realized how incredibly passionate everyone was about rowing and I wanted to be part of that.”  Everyone has their reasons for joining a sports team, and many of them choose to follow in their sibling’s footsteps.  What’s really important, though, is that they enjoy it just as much.  We also interviewed Jessica Meyers, a freshman golfer, and asked her how the freshman team was bonding and if she was making any friends.  She replied enthusiastically, “ Yes! Everyone on the team is great friends and joining the golf team made the transition into high school a lot easier for me.” Joining sports teams is, in general, very good for making friends, so it is no surprise that most of the girls we interviewed reported back saying that it was all smooth sailing.

The next question we asked the girls was if they think they made the right decision in joining sports at Oakland.  Alex Decker, a freshman soccer player, responded, “I do think I made the right decision to play soccer this year and I’m glad I did because I made new friends.”  We also wanted to know if the girls would recommend a sport to a fellow freshman who is too shy or just isn’t sure about signing up.  When we asked Anna Sproule she replied, “Yes, I recommend it to other freshmen just to meet people and get out of your comfort zone. I didn’t know anybody and everyone was super nice and very welcoming.”  

So to all you freshman debating whether or not to do a sport this year, it’s not too late to join!  Joining a sport at Oakland as a freshman is a very good way to make new friends.  LET’S GO EAGLES!