Oakland Catholic’s New Golf Coach

Maggie Leone '17, Sports Editor

Coach Schreck, OC’s new golf coach has been golfing for sixteen years, though he’s only been instructing for five.  He always liked golf, even though he wasn’t good at it, but then he started getting better.  After extensive practice, his scores started dropping and he improved exponentially.  Coach Schreck has been married for eight and a half years and has two kids: Natalia, who is four and a half and Andrew, who is one.  He says that he will nudge them toward the game, but wouldn’t force them to play golf merely because he does.

So far, Coach loves working at Oakland and thinks of the girls on the team as family.  He is looking for constant improvement of the whole team and he wants to expand and further develop the golf program, so that in time, it will be what people come to Oakland Catholic to be a part of.  His personal golf goal is to work at a resort or country club as a golf instructor and continue to improve his game.  Every January, the PGA has a Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.  The coach hopes to take the team in the near future, which would surely be a lot of fun for the team!  Coach, thank-you for your time and we are very happy to have you!