Taylor Renk Spotlight


Megan Morrone '16, Sports Editor

Oakland Catholic provides young women with many extraordinary opportunities to get involved in what they love. For example, senior student Taylor Renk, captain of the varsity soccer team, profoundly expressed to me the immense passion she has for her sport of choice during her interview. Taylor could not help but stress the loving atmosphere that her team provides, and she thinks that every student in the Oakland Catholic community should be able to experience the kind of community present amongst a sports team’s players.

Taylor went on to say that they do have an extremely intense soccer program, but the tough program has made her into a better player and she would not trade the last four years of her high school career (all of which she played on the Varsity team) for anything.

To Taylor, her teammates are her family – and family members never abandon each other. She encourages everyone to join the soccer team because of its welcoming environment and the everlasting bonds of sisterhood that are so obvious amongst all the players on the soccer team.