Lauren Finikiotis: An OCXC Legend

Teresa Davison ‘20, Staff Writer

          Lauren Finikiotis, charismatic and curly-haired, is part of Oakland Catholic’s class of 2017 and also the top runner on the Oakland Catholic Cross-Country (OCXC) team.  High school cross-country involves running 5 kilometers, (about 3.1 miles), racing over rugged terrain, up steep hills, often in inclement weather, and yet some students are still crazy enough to come back to the sport each year.  Over her many years participating in high school cross-country, Lauren has improved drastically from her first race time of 20:41 at the McDowell Invitational, which is roughly a 6:39 minute mile pace.  This is no small feat, but when compared to Lauren’s new personal record of 17:49 at the Lehigh Invitational (roughly a 5:44 minute mile pace), it is nothing.  With this fast time under her belt, Lauren is ranked number two in the state.  Last year, Lauren placed 11th in the state meet and went on to place 46th in the regional meet, an incredible accomplishment, though she will most likely set a new record this year.

          In addition to Lauren’s prodigious racing, she has a strong team to back her in meets.  OCXC is a powerful team this year with more than six girls who have run under 20 minutes this year, a feat in and of itself.  And yet, this depth within the team has led to OCXC being ranked number 1 in the state, 35th in the nation, and being described on PennTrackXC as the “state’s deepest squad.”  These rankings give Lauren hope that she can lead her team to victory in the state meet this year, which would put a cherry on top of her resume after winning the WPIALs this, which would be a sweet ending to her senior year of high school.