OC Field Hockey: Bella Statnick

Emma Shaughnessy ‘20, Staff Writer

          As the leaves on the trees turn from green to hues of red and yellow, students have to accept the fact that it is time to go back to school. Although this can be disappointing for many girls at Oakland Catholic, some of them remain optimistic because they know field hockey season is just around the corner! Senior Bella Statnick is a proud member of the field hockey team, someone who goes above and beyond on and off the field.

          Bella has only been playing field hockey for two years and she plays right midfield on varsity! It was not that easy for Bella to get to this point, though. She states that she has always loved playing sports, so she spent most of her childhood improving her skills with her younger brother. Bella thinks that is what helped her catch on to field hockey so quickly, but it took a lot of hard work and determination. She’s worked hard this year, and had a fantastic season that culminated in helping OC’s team gain the WPIAL runners-up title. Of course, Bella does not want all her hard work to go to waste after two seasons of playing, so she is considering playing field hockey in college next fall. If she does continue to play, she hopes to do so at a D3 school such as The Catholic University of America.

          Off the field, Bella strives to do her best in school, but she also enjoys completing her creative projects. Originally, Bella was interested in creating Vimeos to share with her friends as they went through high school. Now, Bella makes videos to promote OC field hockey! She said that making videos is something that she absolutely loves doing and she cannot wait to finish this year’s video!

          Looking back on everything she accomplished the past two years, Bella recalled her favorite memory from her OC field hockey career. She was so proud when she scored her first goal this past year against Peters High School. Bella felt like all her hard work had paid off and remarked, “The feeling of scoring and everyone chanting my name is something I will never forget.” Bella also said that she is going to miss the love and support from her teammates, as well as her coaches and role models, Coach Paige and Coach Jackie. Finally, Bella advises the incoming and current players next fall to always push themselves and give 100% at games and practices. As her dad always told her when she was a child, “You got to get out of your comfort zone.” Bella has had a very successful career playing field hockey at Oakland Catholic and she wishes all the best to everyone else that follows in her footsteps!