Consol Energy Center to PPG Paints Arena

Lucia Williams '20, Staff Writer

There is a new arena in town….. or is there? The Consol Energy Center has recently been re-named PPG Paints Arena. On October 4, 2016, the Pittsburgh Penguins officially announced the new name of the arena. They had been working on this deal for many months prior to the day of the announcement. Immediately after announcing the new name, the Penguins started to change all of the signs and other items that say Consol Energy Center; all of the Consol Energy Center signs were removed from the building by the day of the home opener. However, some items will take longer to replace. For example, it will take 30 to 60 days to replace the signs on the exterior of the building, the signs on the highway, the uniforms the employees wear, and the cups, plates, and napkins that the fans use. It is amazing how many things have to be changed and replaced when you do something as simple as change the name of a building!

PPG has changed their business over the years from a glass company to a paint company, but not many people are aware of this change. PPG was looking for an opportunity to make a big “splash”, both locally and nationally, that would let people know they sold paints, and they thought renaming the Consol Energy Center would be the perfect way to leap into the water.

The decision to change the name was not made by one person. It was in agreement among the Pittsburgh Penguins, Consol Energy and PPG. PPG made an offer that interested the Pittsburgh Penguins, so the team approached Consol Energy and asked if they would be interested in giving up the naming rights. When the Penguins spoke to Consol, the company okayed the change because their business objectives were changing. Consol will remain a sponsor of the Penguins for several more years, however. It was a win-win-win for all three companies.

The recent change of the name should not have any effect on Pittsburgh Penguins fans and Oakland Catholic students, except that they will have to get used to the new name: PPG Paints Arena. This might be a little difficult for fans who have been following the Penguins for many years!