Meet OC’s New Field Hockey Coach!

Emma Shaughnessy '20, Staff Writer

This school year, the Oakland Catholic field hockey team was introduced to a new head coach, Emily Humiston. Growing up, Emily fell in love with field hockey. She started playing in a developmental league in North Allegheny, and her passion for the sport only intensified from there. Emily attended North Allegheny high school where she played as a forward, and achieved the title of all-time leading goal scorer with a total of 62 goals! After graduating high school in 2013, Emily attended Providence College in Rhode Island where she was offered a field hockey scholarship. When reminiscing about her college field hockey career, Emily shared that her career highlight happened when she scored the winning goal for her team against Temple University. Emily sat out the entire game, plus two overtimes, as well as a shootout. She then scored when she was finally put in for 1v1. Even after college, field hockey continued to play a large role in Emily’s life because her father is a field hockey referee. He actually heard about the available head coach position at OC at a referee meeting last summer, and immediately informed Emily. The team feels incredibly lucky and grateful to have found such a wonderful new coach! Emily came in with an important goal this season: that the team does better than they did last year, and says she has already seen a significant improvement. Although it is important to Emily that the team practices hard to become better players, she also enjoys having fun. One Friday practice, Emily organized a variety of field hockey oriented games for the team to play involving skills they needed to correct, and she said it was her favorite memory from the season thus far. Bonding with her team over inside jokes and everyone’s shared interest in field hockey really made the afternoon special. Emily has been a great mentor and role model to the field hockey team, and they cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them!