OC Soccer on Top!

Rylee Stager '20, Staff Writer

After a challenging 2017 year full of wins and losses for Oakland Catholic’s Soccer Team, we are back at Schenley Park, training intensively and bathed in sweat, ready for another season. The new soccer team is a diverse mix of 9 seniors, 17 juniors, 8 sophomores, and 13 freshmen. After playing a total of 8 games in the first month of the season, we stand strong with only one loss to the Quad A school, Seneca Valley. We have competed against a mix of schools such as West Allegheny and Thomas Jefferson, but remain at the top of our section.

The JV team is also showing great determination and improvement every single practice as they are 3-4 in their section, fighting to the end of every game. The soccer team is ready to show “grit” and perseverance throughout the rest of the season, in hope to end with a section title added to our banner. As our coach, Jim Earle, restates and reminds us daily, “train like a beast and you’ll play like a beast” (Pep Guardiola). Our goal is to succeed this season for our coach. Without his positive mindset pushing us to be our best at every practice and game, we wouldn’t have won as many games as we have. This is our year!