OC Soccer 2018: One for the Books!

Rylee Stager '20, Staff Writer

After 4 months battling practice after grueling practice at the Schenley Oval Soccer Field, OC’s varsity soccer team finally saw all their hard work pay off as they had the most successful season in OC soccer history! Not only were they section champs, but they were also WPIAL Champions and became number four in the State. It was the paramount goal of the girls to be section champions prior to the start of their season, and they knew the only way to get there was through grit and dedication. While nobody seemed to believe in them, except their parents and coaches, the girls proved everyone doubting them wrong. The day of the WPIAL game the girls left school at 2:00pm to head over to Highmark Stadium and play on the frigid Friday night. As they ate turkey and ham sandwiches, they prepared themselves for the game by either sleeping or listening to their favorite music. They started warming up and took the field at 7:00pm, with all the girls ready and excited to play. After an agonizingly long 80 minutes of fighting tooth and nail for the gold, the game went into overtime. Just when everyone was starting to lose the energy to keep going, Caitlyn Berl played a ball right into the box and Anna Sproule was able to get her knee on it, scoring for the win! The roar of the crowd on that night was unforgettable, everyone screaming, overjoyed with the champions on the field. This win will forever be remembered as the first WPIAL title in Oakland Catholic history.