OC’s Fantastic Fencing Team

Makenna Kemper ‘22, Staff Writer

As all of the winter sports prepare and train for their upcoming seasons, Oakland Catholic’s miraculous fencing team eagerly preps for their first competitions, starting the first week of January. Fencing is a physically-demanding combat sport that consists of three modern disciplines: foil, épée, and sabre. All three disciplines are unique and special in their own ways, right down to the equipment that you wear and rules that you follow. But, for us here at OC, we only fence foil; a thrusting weapon where your target is only the torso. The fencers that proudly represent the Eagles range from new, bright-eyed freshmen to experienced seniors who nimbly help navigate through our practices, which are all under the instruction of Coaches Adam and Lisa Marthens.


Fencing is a sport that takes extreme precision, discipline, concentration, and a reaction time as fast as a bullet. To new fencers, this may be intimidating, for fencing is something quite foreign to most people. As a beginner fencer, I can vouch for that feeling as I was terrified the first practice. You don’t know what to expect; what are all the components of the equipment? What makes every weapon so different from one another? Am I doing everything correctly? But, as you slowly learn more moves and become quicker and more precise, you begin to come to the realization that fencing is just like any other sport here at Oakland Catholic, and it allows you to meet new people and make amazing friends who will last a lifetime.


Whether it is the practices in the auxiliary gym where you do drills and footwork to master the skill, or while you are holding your foil right before a bout, fencing is an amazing sport offered at OC which gives you the opportunity to try something unique with a deep and rich history and culture. Make sure to support your fellow Eagles as they prepare for their competitions! En-garde, pret, allez!