H2OC: Swimming and Diving Season Recap

Alyssa Fredette '20, Staff Writer

It seems as though every year the swim team has to find a new pool for practice; Duquesne is too slow and Chatham is never available. Luckily, the Sarah Heinz House (SHH) was available for practice this season. So, with a place to practice five times a week, and Chatham available for meets and diving on Saturdays, the swim season was off to a pretty good start.

Of course, Coach Merci will probably say that still nobody practiced enough, but she’ll always say that; she pushes us because she knows we can succeed and wants us to reach our full potential. And it works! Despite plenty of newcomers, especially in diving, the team won most of our meets this year. On top of that, the cheering and support received was phenomenal this year, much better than in previous years.

The swimming WPIALs were hugely successful, with senior Ellie Tiskus placing second in the 50 freestyle and earning herself a place in the state competition, OC’s 200 medley relay placing 9th, our 400 free relay placing 6th. Both divers who attended, Katie Brennan and Ava Christy, also did quite well.

While we did not quite have a swance, swim/dance party, this year, there were a few other fun activities interlaced into the usual schedule. On about three occasions, the climbing wall at the SHH was utilized (and mostly monopolized by the Central boys). That wall is ridiculously impossible to climb, but fun to try. Also, as a bonus, on the last day of practice Coach Merci got someone to come in and teach us all a game called Skwim. It involves some goal posts, a disk that skims across the water, and a lot of divers retrieving the out of bounds disk. While it’s unlikely that particular occasion will occur again, it was fun in the moment and created good memories.