Throw like a Pro; Toss like a Boss: A Great Season for the Ultimate Team!

Kavya Weaver '20, News Editor

The sun shines onto the John McGrane Memorial Field, and the warm spring air is filled with the sounds of whirring discs flying through the air, the satisfying thuds of discs being caught, and happy chatter between members of the Ultimate team. This image captures the camaraderie and enthusiasm of the Ultimate team before a home game, a mentality that has enabled the players to successfully win five out of the eight games that have been played so far this year. Although the regular season is drawing to a close, the team still has playoffs and the state championship to look forward to, promising more opportunities for victory.

Ultimate is founded upon a concept known as “Spirit of the Game,” a philosophy that involves mutual respect between teams, an attitude of sportsmanship and responsibility on the field, and an overall sense of joy in playing Ultimate. Spirit of the Game places the responsibility of rule enforcement and fair play on the players, meaning that there are no referees. The OC team has diligently fulfilled this responsibility over the past season by working hard to always abide by the rules of  the game and by promoting good sportsmanship on the field, even in the midst of a brutal loss. Thanks to the team’s hard work and dedication to the Spirit of the Game, the past season has been filled with many exciting victories. As of the time that this article was written, the OC team is ranked 4th in the Girls League, a position that may change dependent on the results of the OC game versus Pine Richland on Monday the 29th.

This year’s team has allowed for an exciting convergence between new and experienced talents, with 11 first time players joining 9 seasoned players. Led by senior captains Molly Doerfler and Sophie Gatesman, the Ultimate team has taken advantage of this blend of rookies and veterans to create a unified team representing a wide range of talents. Although the team is very sad that nine of our most beloved and talented players will be graduating this year, remaining members can confidently say that the seniors have prepared them to succeed in seasons to come.

Come support the Ultimate team in future games, and cheer them on as they prepare to take on the state championship over Memorial Day Weekend!


**Update: the Ultimate team defeated Pine Richland 12-2 and ended 3rd in their section! Their first playoff game will be versus North Allegheny**