Acing the Volleyball Season!

Haley Moreland '22, Staff Writer

School is officially in session, and that means fall sports have started back up! Oakland Catholic’s volleyball team is kicking off the season with new players eager to start a new season. The JV team welcomed sophomore Olivia Krummert, who’s excited to be a part of the volleyball team. 

When asked how her season is going so far, Olivia responded, “It’s going really well, and I love the freshman. They’re all great,”. The JV team is practicing hard and improving with each new game, and the varsity team is doing the same. Sophomore Elizabeth Ford, one of the volleyball team’s varsity players, says, “Our goal for the season is to win, and to improve as a team,”. 

All of Oakland’s student body hopes for the same thing and is rooting for the volleyball team to continue doing their best as their season goes on.