Super Bowl LIV


Maddie DeMarino '21, Staff Writer

Every year as February approaches, people begin preparing for the day of the year when the second most amount of food is consumed: The Super Bowl. This year, the Super Bowl was played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on February 2. The Kansas City Chiefs, led by their young quarterback Patrick Mahomes, gained their spot in the big game after defeating the Tennessee Titans 35-24 in the AFC championship. In the NFC, Jimmy Garappolo led the San Francisco 49ers to defeat the Green Bay Packers 37-20. The Super Bowl game began after Demi Levato sang an amazing rendition of the National Anthem. Going into the halftime show, the game was tied 10-10. 

As the players headed into the locker room, Shakira and JLo took the stage to perform the much-anticipated halftime show. Though both women put on an entertaining performance, the show grew to be controversial. Considered a family-friendly event, many thought their shaking hips and gestures to the camera were not kid-appropriate. JLo disagreed, and her daughter even joined her on stage dressed as an angel to sing. Another controversial aspect for some people was the Latino presence in the performance. There were many Spanish lyrics, and at one point, the Cuban flag was portrayed. Some argued that “this is America” and we should be celebrating our culture, even though our country is a melting pot of different nationalities.

After the halftime show, both teams took the field and began the second half. The 49ers began to pull ahead and secured a 20-10 lead by the end of the 3rd quarter. Even though they were losing, Patrick Mahomes was not worried at all. In all the previous playoff games, the Chiefs came back from at least a 10 point deficit, so it was only fitting for them to do so in the Superbowl. In the 4th quarter, Mahomes took control of the game and brought his team back to win 31-20. Mahomes was crowned Super Bowl 54 MVP. Andy Reid, the Chiefs coach, secured his first championship and was overjoyed with the win. This Super Bowl win was the second for the Chiefs, their first occurring in 1969. Overall, the Super Bowl provided an exciting game as well as an enjoyable halftime show.