OC Ultimate Season: Still Flying Hope!

Allison Sinicki '22 , Staff Writer

With everything going on in the world, it is hard to find things to do and keep active. The game of Ultimate is rigorous but fun. All you need to play is a disc. Simply, throw the disc back forth to each other or play a mini-game. In order to play a game, have four people, two for each team. One team starts on offense, and the other on defense. Establish an endzone that the disc must be caught in and try to get it from person to person to reach the endzone. Once you have the disc, you cannot move and must rely on your partner. This game is exciting and a great way to get rid of excess energy. 


The Ultimate season has been postponed until May 10th. It will likely be canceled. However, this does not mean that the players have stopped their love of the game. Team Captain, Kayva Weaver, has been keeping Ultimate in her life, “My siblings and I have been playing Ultimate a lot these past few weeks. Since everything is shut down right now because of the pandemic, there aren’t many things to do that don’t jeopardize social distancing. However, playing Ultimate in a park near our house has been a good way for us to get some fresh air and exercise.”  


“Regarding the fate of the season overall, I would say that this, like most things these days, is still uncertain. While PHUL has officially postponed the season through May 10th, the League Commissioner and the Coaches are currently in discussions about whether to try to have an abbreviated season, perhaps by way of a weekend tournament, and whether to try to move the State Tournament to a later date. I will certainly keep you updated on that as we know more, but for now, you can stay up to date on the Pittsburgh-Ultimate website. As for keeping Ultimate in our lives and inviting others to play the game, that will have to happen at home.  I’ve been taking the kids out in the backyard or down to the park to toss the disc around. My 6-year-old, Sophia, is already looking forward to joining the team when she is old enough, so we have been practicing both her flicks and her backhands. Her younger brother Joseph is already showing signs of great talent, as well, so the two of them have become competitive.”

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 During this time in which we are trying to keep sane, our love of Ultimate helps make life easier. Remember to have fun, enjoy life, and go outside!