Here We Go Steelers!

Evelyn Sorg '24, Staff Writer

Following week 8 of the NFL season and the Steelers win against the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers are headed for their best season yet! With the defeat of the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers are looking at a 7-0 season start, the best the team has recorded. The record of 7-0 was made in 1978 when Steeler legends like Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris were on the team. That same season the Steelers went on to win Superbowl Xlll against the Dallas Cowboys. Do the Steelers have that same chance this season?

Over the past eight weeks, the Steelers’ roster has exhibited examples of future NFL Hall of Famers. One of the newcomers making this impact is the wide receiver, Chase Claypool. Claypool caught the eye of many Steelers fans when he had a historic game against the Philadelphia Eagles on October 11th. During that game Claypool scored 4 touchdowns, becoming the first rookie in Steelers history to do so. “We fell in love with Claypool by the way he sunk his teeth into the special teams combat down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl,” Steelers’ Head Coach Mike Tomlin said in a press conference. Since then Claypool has continued to shine amongst the rookies of the NFL.

Following the game at Baltimore, Steelers Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, had this to say, “It’s one of those things that we joke that football is work during the week, but when Sunday comes, we’re playing ball. We might be drained during the week. This is one of those weeks we have to mentally focus on and the preparation in terms of meeting time and things like that. When Sunday comes, you can be as tired as you want during the week, you’ve got to dial in and be ready to go.”