CARE – A World of Good

Caroline Albacete, Staff Writer '17

CARE is an international charity, dedicated to aiding people who live in poverty all over the world.  Their mission centralizes around helping impoverished women to gain an education.  CARE advocates believe that women in positions of power will be able to not only better their own well-being but also improve the overall economic and social aspects of their communities.  Here at Oakland Catholic, students and faculty alike recognize the immense value of female education and  undeniability to all those who desire it.  Consequently, after a detailed panel presentation on the topic, OC chose to give the proceeds from the two screenings of Girl Rising to CARE.

In a world still marred by gender inequality and discrimination, CARE paves the way to lasting change by strengthening women’s capacity for self-help, facilitating their political, economic, and social development, and by fighting against societal prejudice and intolerance through the implementation of various policy measures.  Ultimately, CARE’s vision to “seek a world hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.”

Working in 84 countries worldwide with nine field offices in the United States alone, CARE receives the majority of its funding from various global donors, including its most vocal supporters, the United Nations and the European Union.  The expenses of their operations in 2006 totaled more than $589 million in the United States alone.  Unlike the overhead percentages of many other nonprofit organizations, and incredible 91% of CARE’s resources go directly to their running programs.

One of CARE’s most recent projects is to raise money and collect supplies for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, a devastating hurricane  that recently struck the Philippines.  Every dollar is appreciated, so if you can donate, please do!

CARE can do a world of goo but only through the willingness of others to help.  Please consider learning more about CARE and raising awareness for its admirable campaign, for you may end up changing another person’s life.