MASQUE- The Stage Crew Expierience

Caroline Albecete '18, Arts and Entertainment Editor


Problem: Masque is one heck of a commitment. Practice everyday for three or four hours? Not everybody has that kind of time.

Solution: Stage Crew! Only once a week on Saturdays, Stage Crew will not consume your life, and will allow you to participate in other clubs and events.

Problem: Not everybody can sing and dance like Julie Andrews. How many of us would rather just keep it in the shower?

Solution: Stage Crew! No extra talents necessary, just a willingness to attend the meetings and wield a paintbrush and/or drill required. Don’t worry about prior experience, Stage Crew is a learning experience (emphasis on the learning).

Problem: The spotlight just isn’t for everyone. Some of us prefer the ominous, but completely safe, shadows.

Solution: Stage Crew! In Stage Crew, you will never once have to step into the spotlight. Instead, you’ll help out onstage behind the curtain. You will become the magic that makes a show possible.

For anybody with any of the issues mentioned above, or who just don’t want to be in the musical but still wish to participate, Stage Crew is the perfect place.  Stage Crew meets once a week, from ten to three, to design and build award-winning sets. For this year’s musical, Mary Poppins, the ante had been upped even higher than usual, and Stage Crew was meeting twice a week, an almost unheard of feat.

Normally, most stage crew members are a bunch of misfits willing to work hard, but we are the laziest people you will ever meet, so don’t feel like you have to be a buff red-neck construction type of person to join in on the glories of the stage.

If that hasn’t convinced you to join stage crew as soon as possible, then I have two words for you: tech week. It is simultaneously the best and worst experience you will ever have. For one week before the show premieres, Stage Crew and Masqueteers join forces to pre-run the show for hours after school. You’ll lose sleep, and schoolwork is not a guarantee, but it’s one of the most fun experiences you will ever have.

In addition, Masque has moved up a budget level, so the sets will be more spectacular and grander than ever before. If you join Stage Crew, you could build these sets and help a show become truly magical!