OC’s First Virtual Career Symposium

Vanessa Moats ‘22, Staff Writer

This year’s Career Symposium looked very different from last year’s. The day was held on February 3, 2021, virtually. The program started with the Keynote Speaker, Kathleen Foley Hughes SHHS’78,  speaking about her business, Ada’s Cafe, which helps people with disabilities. The business focuses on helping them obtain jobs and, in their interaction with customers, learn the skills needed for everyday life.  She was inspired to start Ada’s Cafe from her son’s experience. I was very inspired by her talk and moved by her story. We heard about many of the workers who are key to letting the Cafe run smoothly. After she was finished, the comment section was filled with glowing thanks and thoughts on how magnificent her work is. 

After the keynote, all of the students went to two chosen sessions of other speakers. I chose to go to Operations and Health Strategy and Social Impact/Consulting/Non-profit sessions. In the first session, speaker Heather Wilson went through her career path. The overall focus was what kinds of organizations people want to be in and their role in them. In the second session,  Sarah Middleton discussed her journey to non-profit work and how rewarding it can be. I was able to glean helpful insights from both sessions that I attended. Overall, I really enjoyed this year’s Career Symposium and learned a lot of new things.